Hi, I’m Maloy. 🙂

I’m a data hacker. I’m also a project manager. I work at the confluence of data science, analytics, IT engineering and project management.

I love data. I believe data technologies can help us make a better world. I also see how not having the right knowledge of lean, engineering and project management causes us to miss these opportunities.

At my work, I try to realize the potential of the opportunities of data and lean principles with the discipline of engineering and project management.

I’m encouraged by the increased general awareness of the importance of data and the benefits of analytics. I hope we build a better world which respects privacy and also makes the best of the opportunities that advances in data and analytics technology offers us.

I’ve been a data specialist for many years. I have been involved in several Business Intelligence and data warehousing implementations. This blog is the outcome of experiences in implementations and continuous learning in the field of data.

I dabble with several tools -Powerpoints mostly 🙂 but also Excel, R and SQL along with trying to learn other skills. I work in big data analytics engineering  in my current job in Paris. I still find learning new analytics tools easier than French! Je ne sais pas pourquoi! 😉

Maloy’s older SAP-BO Developer Network blogs can be accessed here.

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The views expressed in this blog are Maloy’s personal opinion and in no way reflects that of his employer. Any code provided on this blog is for illustrative purposes only and you agree to use it at your own risk.


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  3. Chris Surguine

    Hi Maloy,

    I ran across your blog on BOB. Any chance you can do an article on how to implement row-level security in Xcelsius within Infoview?



  4. Hello Praveen,

    Thank you for sharing information on BI. This might be very helpful for you to express your views and experiences in BI, also it will help a lot of newbies.

    I’m a Visual Data Analysis enthusiast. I work extensively on developing Excel, Microcharts and Xcelsius based dashboards. Currently exploring new horizons in Visual Data Analytics. Out of interest, I build, maintain and write on http://myxcelsius.com. You can see some of my work on the Showcase page.

    It would be great if you can add the link to your Blogroll.

    Kalyan Verma


  5. Oops My Bad…Maloy. Edit and change it please.


  6. Hi Maloy

    My client has developed what I believe is a breakthrough BI reporting tool for SQL and other relational data sources as well as OLAP. It targets the USA market. The software is known as RSVP – Reporting Software for Visualization and Performance.

    It is wizard-driven and promises to dramatically cut the cost and time taken to develop enterprise class BI reports. It also promises to actually draw in increased numbers of regular business users with a choice of three very attactive report user interfaces that are a pleasure to use. It’s available as a free download from my client’s website http://www.intelligencebusiness.com .

    I would be very grateful if you found time to download RSVP from http://www.intelligencebusiness.com and let us know what you think of it.

    Many thanks,



  7. Hi Maloy,

    Great to know about your capability on the Xcelsius and BI.
    Would please let me know, in the preview sesssion, I need to save various scenario, which I am creating dynamically. Can you please let me know, how to add SAVE (icon) functionality to save various scenarios in Xcelsius.

    Your any direction would be of great help.




    • Debol
      There are local and remote scenarios buttons provided in Xcelsius for saving scenarios.
      Local scenarios are stored as on the user’s computer as .sol files (similar to cookies) and cannot be shared. Remote scenarios require using the Adobe Flash Media Server and can be shared.

      Note that when the Flash cache is cleared using the Adobe Flash Settings manager, it will remove all local scenarios.



  8. Hello,

    I am working with a client that is a leader in providing on-demand infrastructure services- cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and more. They are looking for technology-related blogs that will feature an unbiased review of their services.

    The company recently launched a cloud computing product that is different from what’s been seen in the market. The company is looking to have one single link built in to the blog post that goes directly to their website, and for exposure in the form of a review.

    I will provide all of the information that you’ll need to review their services, including a test account if that’s something of interest. Is this something that you would be interested in? If so, I’m presenting to them some options, so please let me know if this is something that you would be interested in doing.


    Brian Herron


  9. Dear Maloy:

    could you pls circulate to your blog? Thanx –Roberto

    Dear colleague:

    Our latest book is now printed:

    Reactive Business Intelligence. From Data to Models to Insight.
    R. Battiti and M. Brunato,
    Reactive Search Srl, Italy, February 2011.
    ISBN: 978-88-905795-0-9

    Full details at the book web site:


    Reactive Business Intelligence is about integrating data mining,
    modeling and interactive visualization, into an end-to-end
    discovery and continuous innovation process powered
    by human and automated learning.
    This holistic and unifying goal requires collecting and integrating
    topics which are usually dissected in books dedicated to
    different areas.

    We plan to place figures and slides in the same place very soon.

    — Roberto Battiti and Mauro Brunato

    Roberto Battiti
    LION Laboratory (Learning and Intelligent Optimization) University of Trento
    and Reactive Search SrL
    http://lion.disi.unitn.it/~battiti/ (personal)
    NEW BOOK: Reactive Business Intelligence


  10. Take part in The BI Survey 14 and get a summary of the results

    We invite you to join over 2,000 other Business Intelligence professionals and take part in The BI Survey 14, the world’s largest annual survey of BI users.

    Follow this link to take part:


    All participants will:

    — Receive a summary of the survey results
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    Business and technical users of BI products, as well as business intelligence vendors and consultants are all welcome to take part. This is your unique chance to benchmark the experiences of your organization against thousands of others. The majority of the Survey relates to your experiences with the BI product that you use the most, enabling us to analyze and compare the most popular BI products on the market in detail.

    Thank you very much for your support


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